Statement Social Archaeology of Climate Change

SACC is an independent group of researchers working on climate change in the past constituted in Kiel. The aim of SACC is to bring together international scientists and representatives of important international organisations in the fields of archaeology, paleoecology and heritage management to discuss and evaluate the contribution of archaeological and paleo-ecological research to understand the link between social, c ultural, ecological and climatic change; and to highlight how archaeology, through the study of past adaptive behaviour, is able to enhance socio-ecological resilience of societies as well as their adaptive capacity to current climate change; furthermore, to contribute to the understanding of the impact of climate change on archaeological and heritage sites as well as on cultural landscapes, museums, collections, and archives.
SACC will hold its summit every second year with a declaration at the end of each summit. SACC is organized by a steering committee chaired by the SACC 1 organisers.


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