Priority setting and clinical decision making as viewed by Swedish physicians : Empirical study on physicians' experiences in clinical care and attitudes towards the ethical platform and the national guidelines

Priority setting in health care that aims to achieve a fair and efficient allocation of limited resources is a worldwide challenge. Sweden has developed a sophisticated approach, including the ethical platform and specific national guidelines. Still, there is a need for a more detailed insight on how these measures permeate clinical life and the attitudes of physicians towoards these measures. This thesis aimed to assess Swedish physicians' experiences about 1) their daily clinical conditions (impression of patient care, experiences of scarcity of resources, limits in clinical decision making, sources of information), 2) efforts of national priority setting (knowledge of and attitudes towards the ethical platform and the national guidelines), 3) possible differences between cardiologists and physicians from other specialties. Furthermore the German perspective on priority setting and possible implications of the Swedish model for Germany are shortly depicted.


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