STEM Teacher Beliefs and Inquiry-Based Teaching Practices : Influencing Factors, Development, And Practical Implementations

Within the scope of this dissertation, the relationship between teachers' beliefs, inquiry-based teaching practice, and factors influencing them will be investigated. The goal is to help science and mathematics teachers to increase their implementation of inquiry-based teaching methods by strengthening their learning-related and self-efficacy beliefs. This work focused on three main areas: (i) the role of influencing factors on teachers' learning-related and self-efficacy beliefs, (ii) the relationship between change in teachers' beliefs and inquiry-based teaching practice and the role of interaction between the two constructs, and (iii) the importance of influencing factors in supporting or hindering change in teachers' beliefs and inquiry-based teaching practice in science and mathematics.

By considering internal and external factors influencing change in teachers' beliefs and their inquiry-based teaching practices, this dissertation contributes to a systemic understanding of teachers' professional development. This systemic understanding provides insights into how teachers can be supported in integrating innovative instructional approaches such as inquiry-based teaching into their science and mathematics classrooms. With an increased implementation of inquiry-based teaching, students can develop subject content knowledge in the sense of a basic mathematical and scientific education with authentic, hands-on, investigative tasks, and also gain valuable insights into the scientific inquiry methods of science and mathematics.


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