Beständigkeit des Klebeverbundes selbstätzender adhäsiver Befestigungssysteme zu humanem Dentin


Statement of problem: The durability of adhesive bonding systems to dentin is of importance for restoration longevity; therefore, new adhesive systems should be tested in vitro with long-term artificial aging before clinical application.

Purpose: The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the bonding durability of 3 dual-polymerizing resins and 1 autopolymerizing resin to human dentin with their specific self-etching primers or adhesives.

Material and methods: Acrylic resin tubes filled with composite resin were bonded to human dentin disks using either an autopolymerizing resin system (Panavia 21) or dual-polymerizing resin systems (Panavia V5, RelyX Ultimate, and Variolink Esthetic DC) together with the system-specific primer or adhesive. Tensile bond strength was tested after 3 days of water storage or after 150 days of water storage with 37 500 thermocycles (5 °C to 55 °C). The failure mode was evaluated by using a light microscope. In addition, representative specimens were examined by using a scanning electron microscope.

Results: After 3 days, the median tensile bond strengths ranged from 18.8 to 29.1 MPa. After artificial aging for 150 days, the median tensile bond strengths ranged from 14.7 to 25.6 MPa. The dual-polymerizing resins showed significantly higher bond strength than the autopolymerizing resin (P≤.05). Artificial aging with thermocycling had no statistically significant influence on tensile bond strength for the adhesive resin systems tested (P>.05). The failure mode was mainly adhesive for the autopolymerizing resin, whereas it was mainly cohesive for the dual-polymerizing resins.

Conclusions: The 3 tested dual-polymerization resin systems provided durable bond strengths to dentin which were higher than those of the autopolymerizing resin.


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