Advanced Filter Solutions for High-performance Millimetre and Submillimetre-wave Systems

This thesis is devoted to the investigation of advanced filter design solutions for high-performance millimetre and submillimetre-wave systems. Each of the proposed design solutions are enabled using waveguide-based technologies with the aim of advancing future generations of satellite communications, radar, and remote sensing. As trends for frequency allocations move to higher and higher frequency bands, engineers are faced with increasingly complex challenges such as the degradation of component performance, the inability to correctively tune the performance, or scenarios that all together make circuits infeasible. In light of these challenges, this work seeks to advance the current literature on filter design and proposes many unique design solutions for overcoming manufacturing and accuracy limitations, reducing the transmission losses, and reducing the overall design complexity. Each of the proposed filter solutions that are presented in this thesis are based on either a novel structural design or a novel technology. Each of the proposed designs are presented with functional prototypes as a means of verifying the theory. In the majority of cases, prototypes have been manufactured using high-precision computer numerical control (CNC) milling, and in several articles, exploratory activities with the use of alternative technologies such as stereolithography (SLA) 3D-printing and deep-reactive ion etching (DRIE) are presented. Prior to the presentation of the filter designs, an overview on the design and synthesis of millimetre-wave filters and diplexers is provided and serves as a foundation for the coupling matrix descriptions of symmetric and asymmetric resonator designs throughout this work.



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