Nanoscale Synergetic Effects on Ag-TiO2 Hybrid Substrate for Photoinduced Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (PIERS) with Ultra-Sensitivity and Reusability

Here, a 4N-in-1 hybrid substrate concept (nanocolumnar structures, nanocrack network, nanoscale mixed oxide phases, and nanometallic structures) for ultra-sensitive and reliable photo-induced-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (PIERS), is proposed. The use of the 4N-in-1 hybrid substrate leads to an ≈50-fold enhancement over the normal surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, which is recorded as the highest PIERS enhancement to date. In addition to an improved Raman signal, the 4N-in-1 hybrid substrate provides a high detection sensitivity which may be attributed to the activation possibility at extremely low UV irradiation dosage and prolonged relaxation time (long measurement time). Moreover, the 4N-in-1 hybrid substrate exhibits a superior photocatalytic degradation performance of analytes, allowing its reuse at least 18 times without any loss of PIERS activity. The use of the 4N-in-1 concept can be adapted to biomedicine, forensic, and security fields easily.


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