The influence of post material, post diameter and substance loss on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated premolars : A laboratory study

The purpose of this laboratory study was to evaluate the influence of post material, post diameter and substance loss on the fracture resistance of endodontically treated mandibular premolars. 

Sixty-four extracted mandibular first premolars were endodontically treated and divided into 8 test groups (n=8) based on the number of residual dentinal walls (1W or 2W), post material (GF or TI) and post diameter (ISO size 70 or ISO size 90). After luting the posts, the specimens received a composite resin core and a crown preparation with a 2 mm ferrule. Cast Co-Cr crowns were cemented with glass ionomer cement. After 1,200,000 chewing simulation cycles with a load of 49 N and simultaneous thermocycling (5°C-55°C), specimens were quasi-statically loaded at 30 degrees to the longitudinal axis of the tooth until fracture. Fracture loads were analyzed by using 3-way ANOVA (α=0.05). Fracture modes were examined with a stereomicroscope at ×25 magnification and recorded. Fracture loads ranged from 954 ±135 N (1 residual wall-glass fiber-ISO 70) to 1286 ±202 N (1 residual wall-glass fiber-ISO 90). Teeth restored with titanium posts showed a statistically significant higher fracture resistance than those restored with glass fiber posts. A statistically significant increase in fracture resistance was also observed with increasing post diameter. However, no significant difference was found with respect to the number of residual walls (P>0.05). 

Under the conditions of this laboratory study, endodontically treated premolars restored with titanium posts demonstrated significantly higher fracture resistance compared to those restored with glass fiber posts, especially when smaller diameter posts were used.


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