Meta-analyses on Environmental and Energy Economics

This cumulative dissertation uses meta-analytic techniques in three articles related to empirical questions in environmental and energy economics. In particular, it examines the relationship between waste sites and nearby residential property values (chapter 1), whether and under what conditions wind turbines affect nearby residential property values (chapter 2), and the magnitude and variance of microeconomic rebound effects at the household level (chapter 3).

In all three chapters, the analysed literature is characterised by a large variation in the reported effect size as well as pronounced differences in the research design choices of the primary studies. Accordingly, the main focus of all articles is to calculate an average effect size and to identify study design factors that explain the observed heterogeneity of results. In addition, it is possible to assess the presence and severity of publication bias and to use model reduction techniques in two of the three articles (chapters 1 and 2). For the third article (chapter 3), these options are not feasible due to the nature of the data analysed, so it focuses instead on calculating average effect sizes for reasonable combinations of research designs often observed in primary studies.


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