Morphinkonzentrationen im Speichel nach exzessivem Mohnsamenverzehr in einem kontrollierten Essversuch : Relation zu Konzentrationen im Blutserum

Aim of the study was to check whether the consumption of poppy seeds can result in measurable concentrations of morphine in saliva samples. Twenty subjects consumed as much poppy seeds as they could, preferably 100 – 200 g, either in form of a poppy seed mash with rice pudding or a poppy seed cake. The poppy seeds had a morphine content of 72.4 mg/kg (5 subjects) and 114.3 mg/kg (15 subjects) which corresponds to high but not the highest contents mentioned in literature. Although there was no direct proportionality between consumed amounts of poppy seeds and morphine saliva levels, the study allowed for good qualitative predictions of positive saliva and expected positive blood serume levels. 


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