Transkranielle Wechselstromstimulation und deren Einfluss auf neurophysiologische Mechanismen der Fehlerverarbeitung und Fehlerregulation bei gesunden männlichen Erwachsenen

The previous research has demonstrated that the theta-alpha coupling represents an important neurophysiological signature of error monitoring and optimization of attention and on-going performance. In this study, we intend to prove whether the boosting of theta activity by electrical stimulation in pre-SMA & IFC would effect theta alpha coupling. Moreover, we studied whether pre-SMA or IFG is the important structure for motor response inhibition and process monitoring. In order to investigate these aspects, EEG recordings and tACS over pre-SMA and IFC were performed.
22 healthy young adults participated in the double blind crossover study. tACS was delivering by a battery driven stimulator. The subjects received on separate days tACS: 6 Hz over preSMA and over rIFG, 20 Hz over rIFG and sham stimulation. After each stimulation a Go/NoGo task was performed. Correct Go-trials were categorized as ‘‘hits’’, and responses on No-Go as ‘‘false alarms’’. 
We saw no significant effects on behavioral data l. Interestingly, this doesn't correlates with EEG result. After tACS the alpha power in OPC after “false alarms” was lowered compared to the other stimulations. Only 6Hz tACS over pre- SMA was able to activate theta power after “false alarms”. The central/frontal activity of theta power after “false alarms” was increased by 6Hz stimulation over preSMA and rIFG.
Our results showed that depend on the region of stimulation, tACS could have a potential to modulate inhibitory control and error monitoring. The study arranges an important step for implementation of tACS in the treatment of disorders of attention and executive control.


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