Structured-Glass Waveguides (SGW) and TRL Calibration Standards

In this work, W-band waveguide channels are characterized for the first time in structured-glass waveguide technology to demonstrate the technology’s low-loss capabilities, while at the same time, TRL calibration standards are developed to coincide with the waveguide characterization for expression of highly accurate measured results. Both the waveguides and calibration standards are realized using three glass wafers in a double H-plane split format with near-vertical laser-induced structured-glass sidewalls. The measured insertion loss per unit length is determined to be in the range of 0.0109 to 0.0230 dB/mm and remain stable over the 75 to 110 GHz range with a return loss that is better than 20 dB. This work represents excellent attenuation measurements (dB/mm) and marks the first characterizations of SWG lines and calibration standards in order to promote further investigations for use in future millimetre and sub-millimetre wave applications.


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