Robot-Assisted Tubal Reanastomosis after Sterilization: A Choice for Family Planning

A variety of procedures have been used for family planning. One of these is sterilization surgery, which can be reversed by a tubal reanastomosis. In the present report, we compare Robot-assisted tubal reanastomosis sterilization with other methods of family planning and discuss factors related to the choice of the approach. The keywords used for the electronic search in PubMed were family planning, sterilization, Robot-assisted, tubal reanastomosis, depression, and regret. The decision in favor of or against sterilization surgery has been a sensitive issue for several years. Robot-assisted technology is a modern and precise approach. It has contributed to the flexibility of the decision between sterilization and its reversal through tubal reanastomosis, as well as enhanced the success rate of the surgery. Based on our analysis of the published literature, we believe that Robot-assisted tubal anastomosis is the optimum approach. However, to ensure the quality of health care, the surgeon must be well trained, well versed with the anatomy of the fallopian tubes, and thoroughly informed on the psychological impact of family planning.


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