Being a scientist

The begin of my career as a scientist had been in the fi rst part of the 70s of the last century. Thus, I now have nearly 50 years of experience in biomedical research. I had started in a department of biochemistry in Hamburg, went on into various areas of clinical work (i.e., endocrinology, intensive care medicine, gastroenterology, and clinical nutrition) in Hannover and Geneva, took an intermediate step working in a Federal Health Of fi ce in Berlin and finally ended up as a full professor of Human Nutrition in Kiel, where I had worked for the last 23 years. As for many of my
colleagues, becoming an expert in clinical nutrition was more or less coincidental for me. My major research focus was and still is on energy metabolism while during the last decades I also became interested in certain aspects of public health nutrition
(e.g., prevention of childhood obesity and planetary health).


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