Photoswitching of azobenzene multilayers on a layered semiconductor

Iwicki, Jaroslaw; Ludwig, Eric; Kalläne, Matthias; Buck, Jürgen; Köhler, Florian; Herges, Rainer ORCID; Kipp, Lutz; Rossnagel, Kai

In situ photoelectron spectroscopy is used to study the adsorption and photoisomerization of azobenzene multilayers on the layered semiconductor HfS 2 at liquid nitrogen temperatures. The measured valence band spectra indicate weak molecule–substrate coupling and provide evidence for reversible switching of azobenzene multilayers by light with different wavelengths. The photoswitching manifests itself in spectral shifts due to changes in the electrical surface conductance and in modifications of the electronic structure consistent with the results of outer valence Green’s function calculations. The photoemission results appear to establish azobenzene as an optoelectrical molecular switch.


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Iwicki, Jaroslaw / Ludwig, Eric / Kalläne, Matthias / et al: Photoswitching of azobenzene multilayers on a layered semiconductor. 2010.


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