Quadruple Active Bridge DC-DC converter as the basic cell of a modular Smart Transformer

One of the main challenges of a Solid-State transformer (SST) lies in the dc-dc conversion stage. In this work, a Quadruple-Active-Bridge (QAB) dc-dc converter is investigated to be used as the basic module for the whole dc-dc stage. Besides the feature of high power density and soft-switching operation, the QAB converter provides a solution with a reduced number of high frequency transformers, since more bridges are connected to the same multi-winding transformer. To ensure soft-switching in the full operation range of the converter, two modulation strategies are investigated: the phase-shift modulation and the triangular current modulation. The theoretical analysis is developed for both modulation strategies and a comparison between them is carried out. In order to validate the theoretical analysis, a 20 kW prototype was built and tested.


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