The Upper Jurassic petroleum system of NE Iraq

Iraq is one of the few countries with significant potential for discovery of major oil and gas fields. Two major petroleum systems occur in Mesozoic strata, the Mid-Upper Jurassic and the Basal Cretaceous. These petroleum systems in Arabia are generally well separated by widespread evaporites of the Hith Fm., its equivalents in central to NE Iraq being the carbonates/anhydrites of the Gotnia Fm. Where missing or replaced by the clastic Barsarin Fm. a differentiation of the two Petroleum Systems becomes difficult. We here report on the Ajeel field of northern Iraq, covering the time interval from the Mid-Jurassic (Aalenian) to the Early Cretaceous (Barremian) to identify source intervals, determine maturity and conduct oil/source rock correlation with Miocene (Euphrates/JeribeFm.) oil reservoirs.


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