Memristive Devices For Neuronal Systems

Ziegler, Martin

The present post-doctoral thesis covers 14 original publications, which result from my work as research assistant between 2011 and 2015 at the Institute of electrical engineering at the technical faculty of the Christian-Albrecht university at Kiel. During this time my research work was strongly guided by the question how to understand memory and learning in brains and how we can build up non-biological systems, which function similar to those. In particular, I focused on the usage of new non-volatile memory technologies and electronic circuits for neuromorphic systems. Thus, the development of non-volatile devices and electronic circuits as well as biological models based on those devices is at the heart of this post-doctoral thesis.


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Ziegler, Martin: Memristive Devices For Neuronal Systems. Kiel 2015. Technische Fakultät.

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