Decentralized reactive power and voltage control of wind farms with type-4 generators

Due to the growing penetration of wind energy into the power grid, wind power must play a more active role in grid operation and control. A decentralized wind farm power control scheme focusing on reactive power and voltage control is presented in this paper. Compared to the popular Centralized Power Control (CPC) schemes, this solution is cheaper, more reliable and needs less installation effort, because there is no need for the central control unit, measurement sensors at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) and communication infrastructure. Moreover, contrasting the CPC solutions, communication problems do not degrade the system performance. In this method required values at PCC are calculated with the help of a two-port wind farm model, afterwards these values are used to correct the reactive power set point of each converter to satisfy grid code requirements at PCC. Finally, the correctness of the proposed control strategy is validated by simulation results.


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