DC/DC conversion solutions to enable smart-grid behavior in the aircraft electrical power distribution system

The more electric aircraft concept is pushing towards a DC distribution system for the on-board electrical appliances. In the scenario where multiple high-voltage and low-voltage buses are present, a power electronics converter interface is mandatory. In order to implement a resilient distribution system, the power exchange between different buses is envisaged, to ensure that a failure in a supply bus does not impair the rest of the distribution system. In this paper, two power converter structures able to achieve this goal are analyzed and compared in view of their contribution to improve the overall system resiliency. A control structure is investigated to manage the load supply with the desired priority. The variable virtual resistor control allows shifting the load priority on demand and, as a consequence, is found suitable for achieving the desired goals. Theoretical analysis and experiments are reported to prove the performance of the chosen solution, which is based on a QAB controlled with virtual resistors.


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