Reactive Power Flow Control for PV Inverters Voltage Support in LV Distribution Networks

Molina-García, Ángel; Mastromauro, Rosa A.; García-Sánchez, Tania; Pugliese, Sante; Liserre, Marco ORCID; Stasi, Silvio

This paper proposes a reactive power flow control pursuing the active integration of photovoltaic systems in LV distribution networks. An alternative power flow analysis is performed according to the specific characteristics of LV networks, such as high resistance/reactance ratio and radial topologies. The proposed solution gives high performances,in terms of rms- voltage regulation, by estimating the reactive power reference on each node considering the influence of the rest of the nodes in terms of active and reactive power demanded/generated by them. The local control of each photovoltaic system is based on the power converter control,interfacing these units with the grid and the loads respectively. The local control is designed on the basis of locally measured feedback variables. Photovoltaic units thus guarantee universal operation,being able to change between islanding-mode and grid-connected mode without disrupting critical loads connected to them, and allowing smooth transitions. Exhaustive results are also included and discussed in this paper.



Molina-García, Ángel / Mastromauro, Rosa A. / García-Sánchez, Tania / et al: Reactive Power Flow Control for PV Inverters Voltage Support in LV Distribution Networks. 2017.

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