DC Multibus based on a Single-Star Bridge Cells Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter for DC smart grids

In the last years a growing interest towards DC Smart Grids has been registered due to high penetration of distributed generation systems with embedded storage. Trying to foresee the possible future scenarios of the power systems, it can be noticed that DC Smart Grids can be even preferable to AC Smart Grids in terms of flexibility and redundancy since they are compatible with the achievement of a DC Multibus working at different voltage levels. In this paper the Single-Star Bridge Cells Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter is used to create a DC Multibus. The performances of the system are analyzed considering different load configurations and coexistence of different voltage levels of the buses forming the DC Multibus. Results confirms the validity of the proposed solution and the robustness of the control system in case of load variations.


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