H8 Inverter for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Electric Drives

Concari, Luca ORCID; Barater, Davide; Buticchi, Giampaolo ORCID; Concari, Carlo; Liserre, Marco ORCID

This paper presents a modified two-level three-phase inverter for the reduction of the leakage current. With respect to a traditional two-level inverter, the proposed solution reduces the common-mode voltage (CMV), both in amplitude and frequency. Between the dc source and the traditional three-phase bridge, two active dc-decoupling devices and a voltage-clamping network have been added. A dedicated control strategy was developed adopting a modified space vector pulse-width modulation, oriented to the reduction of the CMV. Simulations showing the good performance of the solution are presented. A preliminary prototype was developed and experimental results are presented.



Concari, Luca / Barater, Davide / Buticchi, Giampaolo / et al: H8 Inverter for Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Electric Drives. 2016.

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