Smart transformer-based hybrid grid loads support in partial disconnection of MV/HV power system

Double circuit lines are common for transmitting the electrical power in high voltage (HV) and/or medium voltage (MV) power system. During the faults in one of the lines or transformers of the double circuit lines, one line is disconnected from the system and the healthy line is utilized for supplying the entire load. In that case, the transformer supplying the entire load could be overloaded. For the safe operation of the transformer, it is needed to disconnect some of the loads. This partial disconnection of MV/HV power system can severally effect the performance of critical loads. Recently, power electronic based transformer equipped with effective control and communication called smart transformer (ST) has been proposed for installation in the distribution system in place of conventional transformer. One of the most important feature of ST is to allow for connection of ac and dc grid forming hybrid grid which allow easy integration of renewable energy sources and storage. Considering these feature of ST, this paper proposes a new functionality of the ST where it provides continuous power to a section of the loads during the partial disconnection of MV/HV power system and improves the performance of power system. This new feature of ST has been proved through power system computer aided design (PSCAD) software based simulation results. Power hardware in loop (PHIL) and control hardware in loop (CHIL) is under development to test the idea.



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