About long term modulation of cosmic rays in the 23-24 solar activity cycles

Recently, there has been a significant trend in magnetic fields on the Sun. The total magnetic field of the Sun from the end of the 22nd cycle of solar activity (SA) has more than halved and this decrease continues. Chan- ges in the magnetic field are the key to all the active phenomena occurring on the Sun and in the heliosphere and, accordingly, to processes in cosmic rays. In long-term CR variations in 23-24 cycles of SA the attenuation of the solar magnetic field is displayed and these variations turned out to be the smallest for the entire time of CR observations. Model calculations of CR modulation for 21-22 and 23-24 cycles of SA showed: with a slight difference in the regression characteristics obtained, the distribution of contributions to the generated CR modulation from the effects of various SA indices is strongly varies in the analyzed periods. Possible reasons for the features of the last two CA cycles are discussed.

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