Experimental spectrum of the cosmic ray variations within rigidity range of 1-20 GV in the Earth’s orbit by the data of AMS-02

For the first time, based on the experimental data of AMS-02, a three-parameter spectrum of variations of ga - lactic cosmic rays was obtained in the range of rigidity 1- 20 GV, to which neutron monitors are most sensitive. It was found that during the period of negative polarity of the solar magnetic field, a power-law spectrum of va - riations is observed with a strong exponential decay in the region of high rigidity. When the polarity changes to positive at the beginning of the new 24th solar cycle, the spectrum of cosmic ray variations becomes purely po- wer-law. The transition to the experimentally obtained spectrum of variations will make it possible to remove a number of uncertainties and increase the accuracy of the analysis of data from the ground network of detectors. This will make it possible to retrospectively obtain fluxes of galactic protons with an average monthly resolution for the period of the space era based on ground-based monitoring.

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