Precursory signals of Forbush decreases with and without shock wave

Many previous studies have shown that before the beginning of a Forbush Decrease (FD) of the cosmic ray intensity, a precursor signal can be observed. All these surveys were focused on FDs that are associated with a sudden storm com- mencement (SSC). In this work we demonstrate that precursors could also be observed in events without a SSC that is determined by an abrupt increase of the interplanetary magnetic field. The type of precursory signals and their diversity among the events are the main purpose of this study. We try to figure out similarities and differences on the signals and the associated events from both categories in the last fifty years, from 1969 to 2019, using the same selection criteria of the under investigation FDs. Simultaneously the orientation of the upcoming solar disturbances in comparison to the way they configure the increase of the interplanetary magnetic field and create these signals are discussed.

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