Signs of geoeffective space weather events in cosmic rays during the first half of the solar cycle 24

Solar originating events are continually evident in galactic cosmic ray (GCR) flux registered at the ground by neutron monitors. We analyze time intervals of sporadic Forbush decreases (Fd) observed by neutron monitors (NM) during the first half of solar cycle 24. We consider NMs data, as well as, solar, heliospheric and geoma - gnetic activity parameters, around those periods, using different mathematical tools. Subsequently, an impact of space weather phenomena on energy infrastructure is well known, in the further step we consider logs from one of the Polish transmission lines operators during the time intervals of Fds. Based on the data from the Ins- titute of Meteorology and Water Management-Polish National Research Institute we exclude from the analysis the weather-related failures. We found that the increase in the superposed averaged number of failures appears around Forbush decreases.

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