Ireland, Lost Between Country and City : Eavan Boland in the Suburb

Ireland - don't you just love it? Land of green pastures, land of rough coasts, the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant's Causeway and the Ring of Kerry, but also Dublin's Half Penny Bridge and Temple Bar, D4 and the Docklands. In the literary imagination, it is the land of Synge's Aran Islands, land of Yeats' Coole Park - but also, of course, Joyce's modernistic Dun Laoghaire, Patrick Kavanagh's Dublin canals, Roddy Doyle's working class North Dublin and Ciaran Carson's postmodern Belfast. The Ireland we encounter in various advertisements and travel brochures, as much as in popular images created in books and films, features a beautiful countryside and lively cities. Until today, academic reflections seem to follow this pattern, as a recent volume of the Reimagining Ireland-series underlines when it looks at Urban and Rural Landscapes in Modern Ireland (Nordin and Llena).


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