Light On String Solving : Approaches to Efficiently and Correctly Solving String Constraints

Widespread use of string solvers in formal analysis of string-heavy programs has led to a growing demand for more efficient and reliable techniques which can be applied in this context, especially for real-world cases. Designing an algorithm for the (generally undecidable) satisfiability problem for systems of string constraints requires a thorough understanding of the structure of constraints present in the targeted cases. 

We target the aforementioned case in different perspectives: We present an algorithm which works by reformulating the satisfiability of bounded word equations as a reachability problem for non-deterministic finite automata. Secondly, we present a transformation-system-based technique to solving string constraints. Thirdly, we investigate benchmarks presented in the literature containing regular expression membership predicates and design a decission procedure for a PSPACE-complete sub-theory.

Additionally, we introduce a new benchmarking framework for string solvers and use it to showcase the power of our algorithms via an extensive empirical evaluation over a diverse set of benchmarks.



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