Kiel Computer Science Series

The Kiel Computer Science Series (KCSS) covers dissertations, habilitation theses, lecture notes, textbooks, surveys, collections, handbooks, etc. written at the Department of Computer Science at Kiel University. It was initiated in 2011 to support authors in the dissemination of their work in electronic and printed form, without restricting their rights to their work. The series provides a unified appearance and aims at high-quality typography. The KCSS is an open access series; all series titles are electronically available free of charge at the department's website. In addition, authors are encouraged to make printed copies available at a reasonable price, typically with a print-on-demand service.

See "Hints for authors" in the navigation menu if you are considering to publish in the Series or to use the asscociated LaTeX style.

The Kiel Computer Science Series was initiated by Hauke Fuhrmann and Reinhard von Hanxleden in 2011. Its concept and the interior design were established by Hauke Fuhrmann, Reinhard von Hanxleden, Lasse Kliemann, and Christoph Daniel Schulze. The book cover design was conceived by Hauke Fuhrmann. All LaTeX implementations, the website, and the manual were originally written and maintained by Lasse Kliemann.

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