32nd International Conference on Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases

The 32nd International conference on Information Modeling and Knowledge Bases (EJC 2022) held at Hamburg, Germany constitutes a research forum exchanging of scientific results and experiences drawing academics and practitioners dealing with information and knowledge. The main topics of EJC 2022 cover a wide range of themes extending the knowledge discovery through Conceptual Modelling, Knowledge and Information Modelling and Discovery, Linguistic Modelling, CrossCultural Communication and Social Computing, Environmental Modeling and Engineering, Multimedia Data Modelling and Systems, Visual Reasoning and aspects of Artificial Intelligence extending into complex scientific problem solving.
The themes of the conference presentation sessions; Learning and Linguistics, Systems and Processes, Data and Knowledge Representation, Models and Interfaces, Formalizations and reasoning, Models and Modelling, Machine Learning, Models and Programming, Environment and Predictions, Emotion Modeling and Social Networks reflected the coverage of those main themes of the conference.



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