Kiel Journal of Consumer Studies 1 : Special Issue “Conspicuous Consumption and Consumer Culture”

This very first issue of the newly established Kiel Journal of Consumer Studies (KJCS) offers our students of our research seminar the opportunity to publish their own research work. We are proud to present six research reports that utilize qualitative research techniques and address contemporary issues of our modern consumerist society.

The thematic focus of this seminar was rather broad. In our first meeting, we embraced contemporary research on consumer culture and conspicuous consumption to create an overarching theme that could guide and motivate the research endeavors of our students. We outlined several possible research avenues that have not been addressed by consumer researchers so far but left enough space for own ideas and thoughts. Throughout the seminar, we created opportunities for the students to engage in discussions with us or among their class to truly foster platforms for creative ideas and to introduce the students to the process of conducting consumer research. During the seminar, we held a journal club to gather a mutual understanding of research on contemporary issues on consumer culture and conspicuous consumption. Following this first approach to those highly relevant topics, the students congregated and developed research questions and research avenues that they wanted to pursue in their own research projects. With a little methodological help from us as supervisors, the students came up with several highly innovative and interesting research ideas that they thoroughly worked on throughout the semester. Subsequently, the students conducted their research with high energy, motivation, and dedication.

This issue consists of six research reports that our students wrote on their own. We are proud to present to you the first issue of the Kiel Journal of Consumer Studies (KJCS)!



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