Paving the foundation for precision medicine : Data-driven reconstruction of context-specific metabolic network models to elucidate pathomechanisms

To further understand human biology to treat or intervene against the rise of modern diseases such as COVID-19, multidrug resistance UTIs, and Parkinson’ Disease, there is a need to develop in silico clinical approaches that are based on personalized or precision medicine. Specifically, patient-derived “omics” approaches can be utilized to dissect the trajectory of pathology by gaining insight into molecular mechanisms underlying disease. Therefore, the utilization of systems biology tools and frameworks combined with omics-based data can bolster our basic biological understanding of various diseases, towards developing cutting-edge interventions that are relevant to unique patient contexts. Specifically, datasets which utilize multi-omics (genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, etc.) can be extended with systems biology approaches to develop context-specific models, thereby refining the assumptions which underlie predictive models of patient-specific disease mechanisms. 


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