Impulse der Kieler Geschichtsforschung einst und heute für die deutschsprachige Geschichtswissenschaft : Zum 150-jährigen Bestehen des Historischen Seminars der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Department of History at Kiel University, this volume presents 15 contributions that trace the scholarly impetus originating from the circle of Kiel historians for German-language historical research. The contributions do not only historicise the research itself but also provide an insight into the respective circumstances that influenced the search for knowledge, academia, backgrounds, networks and the impacts of research. Furthermore they discuss the political, social and sometimes precarious economic conditions at the institute. The essays are divided into four sections: firstly, the methods and disciplines at the department are addressed, followed by a focus on different regions. Thirdly, research areas that are specific to Kiel are presented and fourthly, forms and steps of the institutionalisation in the academic administration will be considered. In this manner the rich spectrum of the topics treated in Kiel then and now as well as the gathered competencies in their institutional and personnel contexts and developments are illustrated.


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