First results of the SA Agulhas II mobile mini-neutron monitor : Instrumental characterization and environmental sensitivity

We present the first results of a new redesigned version of the mini-neutron monitor installed on the South African Research vessel, the SA Agulhas II. Measurements taken from the 2019/2020 relief voyages are presented. We show that the instrument is very sensitive to temperature variations when the ambient temperature is below 3oC. This is believed to be an instrumental effect. Additionally, we show the presence of high-frequency interference in the calculated waiting time distributions when the vessel reaches polar latitudes. We show that these periodic variations are only present in the intensity of secondary atmospheric particles and most likely related to the operation of the vessel’s ice radar. We are currently looking at moving the instrument to a more suitable location on board the SA Agulhas II where we will hopefully be able to operate the instrument in a continuous fashion for several years to come.

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