General information

MACAU is the Open Access Repository of Kiel University (CAU). Via the service operated by the university library, primarily scientific works from the personal, institutional and thematic context of CAU are made globally visible in digital form, accessible free of charge and usable in the long term.

Use MACAU as a reader

The search function allows you to search for specific titles using the bibliographic metadata and various filter settings. In addition, the available works are searchable in full text. Using the preview, you can take a direct look at the titles, which can also be downloaded, as well as the associated bibliographic metadata. Information on the (re-)use and reproduction of the works is shown in an info box.

Using MACAU as an author or editor

If you are an author or editor and would like to make works available and archive them via MACAU, please read our guidelines first. Frequently asked questions can also be found here, or you can contact the MACAU team directly.

Four steps to publishing your work:

  1. Log in / create an account

    In order to be able to publish your work, you must first log in. As an employee of the CAU, you use your existing employee account in the form suabc123 (administration via the CIM portal), which you received from the University Computing Centre. As a student you can create an account. Unused accounts will be deleted after one year of inactivity.

  2. Check legal aspects of publication rights

    It is important that you check legal aspects before publishing. You must grant the University Library a (simple) right of exploitation according to copyright legislation for the storage/archiving and making accessible of your work. You do this at the end of the publication process before release by means of a publication agreement. However, you can only grant the right of exploitation for those parts of the work for which you yourself are the copyright holder. For all other parts originating from third parties - e.g. co-editors, co-authors, used external image material - the consent of the persons concerned must be obtained in advance for electronic publication at MACAU. Furthermore, it must be checked whether you have already granted rights of use to your work elsewhere (e.g. to journals or publishers). If this is the case, a declaration of consent for secondary publication/self-archiving may also be necessary.

  3. Submit the work to MACAU

    If you would like to publish a dissertation (doctoral thesis) written at the CAU at MACAU, please select the path 'Publish dissertation' and follow the steps indicated there. For all other electronic publications, please choose the path 'Publish digitally'.

    First you will be asked to enter the metadata for your publication. Then you have to upload the document. Once you have submitted everything to the University Library, a member of staff will check it for completeness and formal correctness. If no corrections are necessary, you will receive a publication agreement.

  4. Publish the work

    As soon as you have sent your signed publication agreement to the University Library, your work will be released and made accessible to the public. You will then receive the countersigned publication agreement back by e-mail.