Mapping Ancient Rome and Teaching 3D Technologies : Paul Bigot’s Bronze Model at the Institut d’Art et d’Archéologie in Paris

Nikolaos Arvanitis explains the process of ‘Mapping ancient Rome and teaching 3D technologies’ using Paul Bigot’s bronze model at the Institute d’art et d’archéologie in Paris to build a pedagogical project. The aim is to digitize Bigot’s model in 3D and study it on a multi-folded perspective, for example in view of its use as teaching material both for students and scholars through an in-depth analysis of its construction and its methodological procedures, but also for further familiarisation of younger children with the ancient city. A 3D model visualised on a simple interactive web-GIS will be elaborated for the disclosure of the ancient city monuments on a global level, used by schools and teaching specialists through the net.

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