Cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors

The series 'Cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors' grew out of an online symposium organised in 2020. The idea for the meeting was brought up within the community organised around the neutron monitor database (NMDB), who felt that research on cosmic rays in the heliosphere employing neutron detectors was a lively activity that needed exchange. While the pandemic situation in 2020 did not allow a personal meeting, we believed the new tools of communication that started to be experienced for moderate-size online meetings offered in fact completely unexploited possibilities of a worldwide exchange. The success of the meeting with 70-80 participants in each session actually showed that more people can be reached that way than in physical meetings. We therefore believe that similar meetings will be of interest in the future, and that the possibility of a regular publication will enhance their interest. We are therefore grateful to the University of Kiel, which offers us the possibility to establish this series within its online publication activities. We intend to organise one meeting every 2 or 3 years, and provide an opportunity of fast and professional open access publication to the participating scientists.

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