Geschichtsdidaktische Perspektive auf die 'Vormoderne' : Fachwissenschaft und Fachdidaktik im Dialog

Current research shows the importance of interaction between content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge for history teachers. This is considered effective for the design of history lessons. But even beyond these practical implications, the question of the relationship between historical studies and history education is of great importance. Both approaches have a common object: the past. However, the methodically approaches to the past follow different ways. While historical scholarship reconstructs the past by using sources, history education is dedicated to the reception of history. A dialogue between these two approaches can expand the boundaries of both disciplines with new insights. The anthology is dedicated to such an interlocking of historical research and history education using the example of pre-modern history. In the essays, perspectives opened up by scholars are supplemented by comments from history educators. Thus, on the one hand, it is reflected how subject-specific research could enrich teaching in schools and universities. In addition, these findings are classified in terms of historical theory and empirics.


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